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Meet Our 2015 - 2016 Residents


Sarah Page Jones (Fairview Christian Church; Lynchburg, VA)

I am beyond excited to be able to work together with a home church, to be able to teach each other new things and bring new ideas to the table. I will be working with Braking Traffik, making sure the public and legislature are educated on human trafficking.

Sarah's Blog

                                       Witnessing a Political Revolution (PDF)                   A Bittersweet End (PDF)



Cristian Marin (Iglesia Cristiana Del Este Whittier; Whittier, CA)

I’m excited to see where this program takes me and who I will become at the end. I also hope to be the best I can be and help where help is needed. My internship site is at a Presbyterian church, where I will be helping to bring a garden to a poor community so that they may work together and have a food source. It’s a challenge that comes with many other challenges, but I’m excited and happy to become part of this project.

Cristian's Blog

                                                                  Back from Cali (PDF)                   Unclear Choices (PDF)                                                  



Anna Westin (United Christian Parish; Lakeport, CA)

The opportunity to challenge myself in a deep, spiritual way in discerning what it is I want to do with the rest of my life is the most exciting aspect of this program for me personally. I have never lived away from home for this long before, so I am most nervous about figuring out budgets and being a real-life adult. I am hoping to work at St. Joseph the Worker House in Rock Island. I will be the relief manager there (sitting in on the discernment process with the other employees, getting to know the women and children in the house, setting up weekly goals with them, finding resources for the women). I would also be able to attend bimonthly meetings with other agencies, and also with the membership committees there (finance, fundraising, grants, building and grounds, Martha House and Garden) so I can absorb as much as possible and be efficient at my job!

A Love Letter to Laura (PDF)