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First Christian Church Davenport

We are located at 510 East 15th Street, Davenport, Iowa, 52803.
We are EAST of Brady Street and SOUTH of Locust Street.
15th Street runs ONE WAY West Bound.
Enter the parking lot from LeClaire Street or Farnam Street.

Church Office Hours are Tuesday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

Do you need a ride to church? 

Please contact Liz Toll at 563.424.4152 to schedule a ride on our church bus.  Join us after worship for Linger Longer and enjoy a cup of coffee and fellowship. 

Please check our website often for updates.  

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This Weeks Message 5/26/2020

Blessings of Pentecost:


If you asked most Christians about what Pentecost is all about, they are likely to point you to a very important event in Acts 2:1-4. After Jesus ascended into Heaven, a fledgling group of 120 Believers had prayed…fasted…and waited. At first they must have wondered if anything would truly happen. But then, exactly 50 days after Jesus’ Resurrection, a breakthrough came “suddenly”: This was such a dramatic turning point in the disciples’ lives that it’s often called “the birthday of the church.” The church was born in power—power that transformed the disciples and enabled them to transform the world. This event  should serve as a vital reminder that you are called to a supernatural life. As amazing as it sounds, the same wonder-working power displayed in the life of Jesus can now live in YOU when you’re filled with the Holy Spirit! 

Pentecost is one of three “Appointed Times”  as special seasons when God wants to meet with His people and bless them in extraordinary ways. Along with the Feast of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, God instructed His children to celebrate Pentecost as a perpetual feast, for all generations. Of course, these feasts aren’t a matter of your salvation, which is received solely by God’s grace on the basis of faith. However, the Bible says there’s a BLESSING in store for you when you commemorate the perpetual feasts, celebrations, and Holy Convocations God designated as His Appointed Times. 

God promises in Exodus 23 and Leviticus 23 that if you bring
your offerings and obey what He’s told you to do, He will pour out
seven specific covenant promises in your life:

  1. An angel of God will be assigned to protect you and lead you to your miracles.
  2. God will be an enemy to your enemies.
  3. The Lord will prosper you.
  4. God will take sickness away from you.
  5. You will not die before your appointed time.
  6. Increase and an inheritance will be yours.
  7. What the enemy has stolen will be returned to you. 

    what a wonderful opportunity this is. God wants to bless you and answer your prayers all year long. But He says there are certain windows of time when your Seeds can Reap extraordinary blessings and breakthroughs. You don’t have to wait any longer, because this Sunday is Pentecost!

Sunday School 8:45 am. Worship 10:00 am. Childcare is provided during Sunday school and worship.
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